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About Boley

Our Toys Target Children Of All Ages And Are Built For Long Lasting Fun!

Success Points

Boley has been the market leader as a toy supplier since 1981.

We offer our products worldwide to all customers including major retailers, drug stores, grocery stores, specialty retailers, and distributors.


Quality is ensured through our expert QA teams and rigorous QC processes


We are the trusted market leader in the toy industry for over 30 years


We help our clients succeed through offering them the best value for our products



Professional designers from our in-house design and production team in California and Hong Kong.



Fully dedicated prototyping facility located in Dongguan, China. Capabilities include: 3D design & drawing, clay sculpting, molding, and more.



We have 3 dedicated tooling facilities located in Dongguan,China. We do tooling for: plastic injection molds and die-cast injection molds.



Network of over 10 ICTI certified manufacturing
facilities located conveniently near major ports.

Full Supply Chain Expertise!

Step 1:

Production Design

Step 2:

Production Development

Step 3:

Vendor Compliance

Step 4:

Factory Sourcing

Step 5:

Manufacture Control

Step 6:

Shipping Control

Step 7:

Forwarder Consolidation

Step 8:

Customs Clearance

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