Animal Squirt Gun (12 Pack)

Animal Squirt Gun (12 Pack)

What's Inside

Great value! The animal squirters 16-pack works great as party favors or as a way to keep a large group of kids entertained. With different, vibrant colors and four animal options, these will for sure be a hit at any party!


Long-range water power! This water gun has some serious power for your little ones! The animal squirters fire really far – up to 12 feet!

Vibrant Colors

You’ll get four different color options, making this a cute and super fun toy for kids to play with, especially on a hot summer day! With a choice of different animals and colors, this Animal Squirter will definitely be a hit for all tastes!


We always stand behind the quality of our product, and we support our customers long after purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact Boley’s customer service team to resolve any questions or concerns. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction!

Perfect for Children

These animal squirters will feel great in your little one’s hand, as they’re built specifically for children. The material is sturdy and it will feel very comfortable when a child is playing with them!