Animal Surfer Bath Toys (4 Pack)

Animal Surfer Bath Toys (4 Pack)

What's Inside

We designed our rafts with a variety of animals and colors for your child to engage and interact with. Can your toddler identify the turtle, fish, whale, and alligator?


Pull string! Power up the raft’s propellers by pulling back the pullstring to wind up the motor! Watch the raft jet through your bath tub’s fast and furious waves!

Large Sized!

Check out our sizing picture to see just how fully this toy fills up your palm. This toy definitely isn’t getting lost in the house.


Our toys are built to withstand heavy play in the water, so you don’t have to worry about fading colors or a wearing pull-back string. Our toys are built to last, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee attached!

Easy Hand Hold

We make wind-up so easy for your child with a huge floating tail behind the raft! It won’t be missed!