Big Rig Truck Carrier (5 Piece)

Big Rig Truck Carrier (5 Piece)

What's Inside

5 cars total! Your big rig comes loaded with 4 serious monster off-road-capable all-wheel drive sport utility vehicles!


Large size! If the big rig wasn’t already massive enough, each of the individual sport utility vehicles will fill up the palm of your hand. Check out our sizing pictures for scale!


Does the truck’s driver want to take a break and go for a spin? Your child can separate the trailer from the tractor unit!


When your child is transporting automobiles with this big rig through your house’s mountainous terrain, make sure the shipment is properly secured by locking in the tailgate!

Hard Signage

Your set comes complete with 4 traffic cones and 2 turn signs to guide your child’s cars, or create impossibly difficult obstacle courses!