Connecting Rings (50 Pack)

Connecting Rings (50 Pack)

What's Inside

6 different colors! Can your child name the colors of all these rings?


9 green, 9 blue, 8 orange, 8 purple, 8 red, and 8 yellow connector rings!


What on earth is your child planning to build with this 50-piece connecting ring set! Allow your young toddler to tap into the creative architect and engineer inside with these easy building blocks.

Easy Usage

These connecting rings stick together as building blocks well, and also separate conveniently! These plastic rings are easy to clean, and are also easy to spot and pick up when it’s time for clean-up!

Easy Storage

When your child is done playing with the connecting rings, they can easily clean them up by putting it all back into the jar. No need to have these laying all over the floor!