Giant Rubber Snakes (8 Pack)

Giant Rubber Snakes (8 Pack)

What's Inside

18″ Jumbo giant rubber/plastic snakes with realistically painted snakeskin makes these great for Halloween decorations, party favors, gag gifts and pranks. A great snake play set for kids and toddlers to learn and classify, offering hours of pretend play. This item 100% brand new and great addition to your ninjago set.


Each pack comes with 8 different snakes each more than 18 inches long and around 3 inches wide for the head. These realistic snakes from all around the world are designed to stimulate the imagination of your child as they learn and play with these colorful, texturized and durable snake models.

Gag Gift

These plastic snakes are great gag toys to use for pranks on friends with a phobia to snakes! The texture and color of these snakes makes them look like the real thing! Each snake has their mouth open waiting to spew their venom on their victim. These snakes also make good props for any type of stage performance.


Toy safety is of utmost importance at Boley. That’s why we play test all of our toys ensuring its quality, safety and durability prior to retail. All of Boley’s toys are in full compliance with all U.S. safety laws and have undergone rigorous inspections.

Perfect for Children

Boley Jumbo Party pack of snakes are for ages 3+ great for toddlers and kids who are interested to learn about different species. A great set for your child to learn about reptiles!