Jumbo 20″ Triceratops

Jumbo 20

What's Inside

High quality soft PVC material! This Triceratops is solid, sturdy and soft. Boley Jumbo Dinos are constructed from a flexible and soft plastic, making it bendable and bash-able during active play.


This authentically detailed model of a Brontosaurus is approximately 20” inches long. Kids will love to collect them, parents will love the educational value! Product is lightweight ensuring that kids can hold it comfortably and even run around to bang it against others!


With this toy you will feel like you are inside the movie Jurassic Park or Toy Story. The posture and the colors are so detailed that they seems to be alive!


Excellent learning tool to introduce young children to the wonderful world of dinosaurs and Paleontology. Boley takes pride in providing breathtaking and innovative figures for over three generations!

Perfect for Children

BPA and toxin free! No wired smell. Teeth and claws are pointed but not sharp. Soft and cuddly, this large dinosaur toy soothes, comforts, and encourages creative play. Take this dino anywhere!