Sea-Animal Bath Toys (10 Pack)

Sea-Animal Bath Toys (10 Pack)

What's Inside

One pack includes 10 adorable varieties of windup sea animals ranging from a clown fish, 2 types of turtles, dolphin, sea lion, octopus, frog, conch lobster, manta ray and blue tang fish.


Wind-up action! No batteries necessary! Each sea animal has a manual wind up mechanism that allows them to swim in the water as if they were real animals!


With such a diverse assortment of sea animals provided, your child can learn about the different kinds of sea critters that live in the ocean.


All of Boley’s toys are made out of the finest plastic and have passed through extreme rigorous testing making this product not only safe but build to last hours of rough play.

Bath-Time Fun

Bath time will now be even more enjoyable with these sea friends keeping your child company!